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Welcome to the personal page of the UX/UI beginner, graphic designer & email developer -
 Eugene Fedorenko

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Full name:
Eugene Fedorenko
Current location:
Kiev, Ukraine
Years in design:
Years as Email Developer:
Learning things, solving problems, cycling


Personal Responsible
Stick to the Can-Do approach
Perfectionist by nature
UX/UI Study UX psychology
Practice HTML/CSS
Analyze business requirements
Create mockups & prototypes (beginner)
Languages English (writing/verbal) - Advanced, C1 / Upper Intermediate, B2
Русский (письменный/вербальный) - Отлично / Отлично
Українська (писемна/вербальна) - Відмінно / Гарно



Or just catch me by:

+38 067 721 90 82

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